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What Is Wedlink?

Wedlink provides wedding industry suppliers with a platform to connect with each other and source new opportunities.
The platform removes the distraction of social media groups so you can focus on your business links, not likes and follows,
our smart tools keep your network organsied, helps you to build industry relatonships and provides opportunities for work.

Wedlink is currently available across the UK, USA & Canada with more countries being added.

Dashboard Center

The landing page for all your Wedlink tools, manage opportunities and view analytics!

  • Manage, create and respond to new opportunities.
  • Easily connect with Wedlink users, build a high quality network for repeat opportunities.
  • Organise your suppliers with the smart groups tool.
  • Monitor your eCard profile performance analytics.
  • Manage your supplier listing and social links.
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Easy Network Building

Wedlink supplier profiles are free allowing you to connect on the go!

  • Wedlink users can share or QRCode scan your profile and request to connect.
  • Add all your social media profiles so suppliers and couples can reach out to you.
  • Monitor your Wedlink profile and social click through rates with performance analytics.
  • Remember the location where you made the connection, no more follow and forget!
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Smart Groups

Organise your supplier network through smart groups or create your own!

  • Your network is automatcally organised based on Wedlink user roles.
  • Create and manage your own groups for custom house keeping.
  • Share new opportunities privatley to your group members.
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Manage Opportunities

Wedlink oppportunities come to you! Smartly delivered, ready to accept or reject.

  • Filtered opportunities are automatically delivered to your inbox.
  • Quickly accept or reject opportunities and the platform keeps everyone in the loop.
  • Set your status based on opportunities your are interested in.
  • Instigate a messages thread, so you are in control of who you are looking to work with.
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Opportunity Messaging

Communicate through private messaging that focuses on the opportunity!

  • Opportunity driven messaging puts you in control.
  • Opportunity originators control when to reachout and ask questions to potential suppliers.
  • Message directly through opportunities when you are ready to ask for more information.
  • Ask questions and choose the right supplier for your opportunties.
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Profile Analytics

Monitor your eCard Profile Performance!

  • Share your eCard on social media websites as a link in your social profile pages.
  • Track where your wedding business network is performing the best.
  • Get real-time performance, views, clicks and click through rates for each link or social platform.
  • Monitor your top geographical locations where your profile is visible.
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Supplier Directory (Soon)

Allow potential couples to find and contact you too!

  • An SEO ready onepage website/supplier listing.
  • Includes a gallery to showcase your work.
  • Increase your website DA (Domain Authority).
  • Add links back to your own website and social media channels.
  • Couples can message you directly for potential wedding bookings.
  • We want to help you get more bookings and we don't take any tranasction fees.
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What Is Your Wedlink Industry Role?

There are so many roles within the wedding industry that it's impossible to list them all, so here's a few for ideas on how
Wedlink can help you network within the wedding industry, work smarter and team up with new suppliers.

For Photographers and Videographers

Are you just starting out, or are your a seasoned wedding photographer or videographer professional?

Having the right team of creatives at all levels when you need them most can be critical to securing bookings with couples. Wedlink helps you to get the help you need!

As a Wedlink Pro member you will be able to build a network of wedding industry professionals that you can rely upon when you really need them. Organised and just a click away!

  • Arrange styled shoots.
  • Source models and model couples.
  • Find assistants and second shooters.
  • Refer opportunites to fellow photographers & videographers.
  • Source a drone operator for you videography client.

For Wedding Planners & Coordinators

Wedding planners and coordinators play a key role in the success of the wedding day, and they should also be key members of your wedding industry network. Wedding planners can provide quality vendor referrals so it's important to be on thier supplier list.

  • Connect and organise your lists of suppliers.
  • Refer vendors easily from supplier groups.
  • Source unique industry professionals.

For Models & Model Couples

Are you looking for styled shoot opportunities, or wanting to build your portfolio as wedding industry model? On Wedlink you can connect with photographers, videographers and venues from across the UK.

  • Connect with creative wedding professionals.
  • Easily get involved in styled wedding shoot opportunities
  • Create an income from portfolio building days.

For Beauty, Hair & Make Up Artists

Content to follow...

  • Item 1.
  • Item 2.
  • Item 3.

For Florists and Designers

Content to follow...

  • Item 1.
  • Item 2.
  • Item 3.

Entertainment, Bands, Dj's and more...

Entertainment is hugely important to the overall vibe of a wedding day, from magicians and party games to live bands and DJ's, Wedlink can help you build new connections within the industry.

  • Keep in contact with photographers and videographers for social media content
  • Get on the radar of your favorite venues through referrals
  • Get found on the free supplier directory

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