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Wed link stands for equality of opportunity, helping wedding suppliers to reach their goals with fewer obstacles.

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Network with trusted local wedding industry suppliers through your eBusiness Card.

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Quality not quantity! It's not what you know. It's who you know that brings quality opportunities! So true!

Organise Contacts

Keep your contacts organised, networking is not about counting social media follows & likes.


Team up, refer and find new wedding suppliers to work with across the whole industry.

Building relationships leads to business growth!

Our smart tools make managing your list of wedding supplier contacts super easy

Source the best local, assistants for your next wedding event when you need them most?

Find the help you need by sharing opportunities with suppliers in your local area, or refer opportunities to your network.

Wed link is all about collaboration, share opportunities and grow your network!


Share your own referal opportunities!

By sharing referal opportunities with your network you instantly build credability with your community. Our referral system has accountability, no more emailing couples with a list, once you approve a referral they receive all the enquiry details so everyone is automatically linked.

Hassle free referrals, saves you time and builds your community!


Easily link with suppliers using your wed link eCard

The wed link eCard gives a convenient way to share and connect with wedding suppliers on the go. As a progressive web app, you can save Wed Link to your phone and always be ready to link with new suppliers.

Furthermore every action is tracked so you get real-time analytics of your wed link profile performance!

Scan the QR code, link, share and receive all contact information in one step!


Focus on your micro-community, not social media likes & follows!

Do you follow wedding suppliers on social media without turning them in to real business contacts? Or loose thier details were when you need to contact them in the future, add to blog post or send referrals?

Wed link organises your connections to you never loose them again!


We want you to build a sustainable and profitable wedding business?

How do you build a wedding business without any capital? Easy, network with established wedding suppliers through and source new opportunities.

Wedding suppliers like to help, so when you give a little you get far more in return!


Wed link is for wedding professionals

No matter what your niche is as a wedding supplier, you can find the people you need on

Wed Link Wedding Suppler & vendor wedding directory
Wed Link Wedding Suppler & vendor wedding directory

Wed link attracts newly engaged couples too!

To provide a truly complete solution to finding new opportunities, also includes a fully featured supplier directory.

Wed link - The free platform designed for wedding suppliers!

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