Frequenty Asked Questions?

Wed Link is something new and therefore some users have a few questions about the platform, so here is a list of the most popular frequently asked questions from new members.

q1: Why is Wed Link Free?

Wed Link is 100% free and there is no catch, it’s also not some ‘too good to be true’ offer, free now and pay later scheme, or a way to get you signed up and charge you extortionately in the future.

You can sign up today and the account is yours for the lifetime of Wed Link, and with your support, we hope it is for a very long time.

q2: Are there any paid for add-ons?

Whilst we aim to provide a 100% free solution, giving you access to all of the tools that the platform offers, there is just one paid-for add-on and that's called Wed Link+ This is a completely optional purchase and in no way affects the performance or exposure of the standard accounts.

Think of Wed Link+ as your way of supporting the platform for the long term, ensuring we can provide you with a solution that doesn't break the bank whilst giving you the tools to build a business on a level playing field.

For now Wed Link+ is charged at only £99* and is a one-time payment for life-time access.

q3: Will you try and charge me in the future?

Your account is free for life, we will not charge you at a later stage to continue using the platform, this is the same for both standard and Wed Link+ accounts.

q4: What Does Wed Link+ offer me over the normal account?

All the base tools are the same for both account types, however, Wed Link+ provides the opportunity to have your profile viewed in more locations in the supplier director under more supplier roles.

We are aware that some suppliers do more than one thing, a photographer might also fly drones and also do videography. We also recognise that suppliers often work beyond their local regions and want to attract more opportunities from their surrounding areas. Wed Link+ offers suppliers more reach in these areas and notifications for new opportunities generated from the Wed Link community. Wed Link+ also gives you greater analytics insights for your eCard profile and supplier directory profile, meaning you get to learn where your opportunities are coming from and what links people have clicked on too.

See the pricing page for more details and an uptodate comparison.

q5: Are there adverts when I log in to the platform?

We didn't want to flood the platform with adverts as we have worked hard to build a distraction free product. But, we are aware that the cost of running a platform like Wed Link does need to monetise itself to be able to sustain its place, so that’s why Wed Link+ was introduced. Please consider supporting the platform.

We may in the future introduce partner discounts for our Wed Link+ suppliers.

q6: How does Wed Link differ from just using Instagram and a facebook group?

At first glance we understand that members might make this comparison, however creating and responding to opportunities is just one part of the platform. As with anything in life there's always an alternative, take buying a MAC or a PC for example, no one computer is really much better than the other but you might just prefer one over the other! Wed Link is not an alternative to social media but does offer an alternative way to connect with others, build micro networks and source opportunities.

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q7: What makes the Wed Link supplier directory different?

Great question. There are lots of reasons why the Wed Link wedding supplier directory is so different to any other out there.

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We compared wed link to some popular wedding directories

Wed link is not another Wedding Directory, it's very different so there's no direct comparison!

Our focus is on supplier networking and it's free for life, or you can become a Wed Link+ member and get little extra!