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Get eco-friendly with your own virtual business card! Quickly connect & network with wedding suppliers, and smartly organise your network... you can even capture leads wherever you are!

An invaluble modern tool at wedding fairs networking events or 1-2-1 meetings


The only wedding supplier focused "link in bio" virtual business card!

Create your profile landing page, share your links, capture enquiries on the go, and track your performance.

Wed Link is the easiest, fastest and most user friendly way of connecting with and organising ALL of your wedding suppliers.

Landing Page

The hub of the virtual business card provides a single point of contact for all your business information.

Social Media Links

Allow users to follow you on all your most popular social platforms, and any other URL's you might want to add.

Lead Generation

Capture enquiries on the go and turn conversations in to bookings.

Smartly Organised

Our smart groups automatically organise your entire wedding supplier network, saving you from scroll fatigue!

See how the Wed Link Virtual business card can help your business

Landing page, NFC, QR code, Unlimited links, Capture leads, Organised contacts, vCard, Stylish themes or create your own... learn more.

wed link virtual business card layout

Fully featured profile landing page to go!

Your virtual business card is often the first time potential customers and other wedding suppliers might engage with your business, so we have packed in everything you need to make the best first impression.

Take a look at all the features:

  • Your profile image so people can see the real you
  • All your social media links grouped so they are easy to find
  • Your business name and a short description of your business
  • You can add any number of custom links to any URL
  • QR Code for effortless sharing of your details
  • Lead generation from newly engaged couples
  • Menu for the dashboard, share by email or sms, and all your contacts
  • vCard support should you wish to save to your phone contacts list, but remember the platform is best for organising your supplier network
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wed link virtual business card layout

Start with a theme or brand it your way!

We have included lots of starter themes to give you ideas on how to present your virtual business card, and you can even custom brand every part of your eCard.

eCard design features:

  • Visual editor shows you real-time updates
  • Great starter themes so you can further customise and make it your own
  • Full range of colour options for every element
  • Choose which elements to make visible to your users
  • Edit your bio text and add all of your links in one place
  • Save your link in bio and paste to your social pages

Advanced features made super simple and quick to use.

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wed link virtual business card layout

Share your card with qr code scanning

Simply open your Wed Link business card on your mobile phone, and allow people to scan your Wed Link QR Code to unlock new opportunities.

3 steps to sharing your landing page:

  • Tap the QR Code icon to enlarge
  • Scan with a phone camera to share your landing page
  • Select connect from the menu and join a wedding suppliers network

Need an NFC solution? No problem, you can order one of ours.

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wed link virtual business card layout

Add your social media and custom links

Sharing your social profiles from one place is super easy, and if you need more links you can add custom links to any website URL.

Link in bio feature:

  • Includes all the popular social channels
  • Share unlimited custom links
  • All links are tracked in our analytics tools

Need an NFC solution? No problem, you can order one of ours.

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wed link virtual business card layout

Capture leads from couples

Lead generation in the palm of your hand! Couples can easily enquire with potential bookings, delivered right in to your Wed Link dashboard.

Lead generation feature:

  • A simple form thats easy to complete
  • Allows couples to ask for hand-pick referrals
  • No canned messages so you know clients are interested
  • Perfect for wedding fairs and networking events

We know how important enquiries from couples are.

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wed link virtual business card layout

Smart organised supplier contacts!

Say goodbye to scroll fatigue and never loose a wedding supplier contact again! All your contacts are smartly organised in to supplier folders making them super easy to find and share among your network.

Smart group feature:

  • Contact management made easy
  • Share connections with other wedding suppliers
  • Create recommended supplier lists
  • Export your contacts in excel format

Wed Link provides the fastest way to find, and recommend wedding suppliers!

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wed link virtual business card layout

NFC Card pros and cons!

We love NFC (Near Field Communication) cards and they can be a really convienient tool to have in your pocket, but there are limitations that we think you should be aware of before jumping on to any NFC card solution.

Learn more about using an NCF card:

  • NFC cards are a slightly greener solutions compared to traditional business cards
  • They are often made from plastic so they are not a 100% green solution
  • If you don't have a mobile phone to hand, it's a great fallback in your wallet, but...
  • Do you carry your wallet everywhere? No, but I bet you carry your phone everywhere!
  • Wed Link saves all your contacts in smartly organised folders
  • Many of the NFC solutions just save a vCard to your phone contacts, vCard is also available on Wed Link
  • Our wedding industry specific contact management tool means you don't have to endlessly scroll to find and share business contacts
  • Most modern phones now suppport NCF, but a QR Code is supported everywhere.
  • Most NFC solutions need you to install an app for additional features
  • Wed Link NFC is pre-programmed to open your virtual business card with a single tap, giving you access to every feature!
  • Internet is required to access your account, just like any other platform. For example, you can't follow an instagram page without an account or an internet connection

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