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Wed Link is a free and versatile platform that offers numerous opportunities to connect and collaborate within the wedding industry, and attract direct opportunities from newly engaged couples. Wed Link removes the distraction of social media groups so you can focus on building real relationships’, not just likes and follows.


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Register your business by signing up, we quickly take you through the process one step at a time.

Wed link is the easiest, fastest and most user friendly way of connecting with and organising ALL of your wedding suppliers.

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Getting started on Wed Link is super easy, and free to signup. Once registered your Wed Link dashboard is the go-to place for all the tools.

Setup Your Profile

Set up your business profile to gain new opportunities for growth. Simply upload your images and business information and you’re ready to go!

Create Opportunities

Source and share new opportunities. Referrals, styled shoots and even virtual assistants, we all need a little business help along the way.

Build Your Network

Connect with suppliers near and far! Wherever you do business, there's always another wedding supplier ready to help.

6 Steps For Success On Wed Link

With 4 products in 1 platform it might be hard to know where to start! This mini guide will get you on your way.

1. Setting up your profile is key

Setting up your profile is key to getting your business noticed, here are the steps to follow!

  • Add a small bio text of around 200 characters
  • Upload your profile and gallery images
  • Add your business information
  • Add website, social media and any custom links
  • Wed Link+ users can also add additional locations and roles!
Setup Your Profile

2. Save your virtual business card to your phone

The Wed Link virtual business card is the fastest way to connect with other wedding suppliers on the go!

  • On your iPhone, visit your eCard from the dashboard and add to your home screen
  • On Android phones, simply install the App
  • Yes, it is safe to install, progressive web apps are just bookmarks for convienience
  • Use the QR Code or tap with the NFC card to share your profile and connect with other suppliers
  • All your social profiles and custom links are conveniently available in one place
  • Your analytics will show you your most enagaged social profile or custom link
  • Your eCard link to your social profile in Instagram and start monitoring clicks
Setup Your Profile

3. Test your supplier directory listing profile!

Take a look through your wedding supplier directory profile, and make sure everything looks and reads just as you need it to.

  • Focus your profile on your target areas, like location and services
  • Be unique with your descriptions, don't just copy it from your website!
  • Make sure all your links are working
  • Now newly engaged couples will also be able to find you!
  • Manage your enquiries or create referral opportunities from your network!
Setup Your Profile

4. Managing opportunities made simple!

Wed Link opportunities are automatically delivered to your inbox where you can accept, decline or refer. In fact, it's so simple you dont actually need to do much at all.

  • The Wed Link system sends you opportunities that match your profile
  • You can search and respond to public opportunities
  • You can share private opportunities to your groups
  • You will even receive enquiries directly from couples
Setup Your Profile

5. Build a smartly organised network!

When you connect with another wedding supplier all the details will be smartly organised in to groups by that supplier type, here are a few reasons why you want to do this.

  • Organisation is key to sharing opportunity
  • Smart groups allows you share private opportunities
  • Custom groups allows you to build seperate lists of suppliers
  • Dynamically embed your recomended suppliers on your own website!
  • Export your group contacts to excel format
  • Quickly add supplier details to social posts and blog posts
Setup Your Profile

6. Profile insights and performance

Understand your landing page performance, and take control of your marketing efforts with Wed Link+ analytics.

  • All users get basic data metrics, Wed Link+ is more advanced.
  • Monitor your page views for each wedding season
  • Understand which social channels are gaining more interest
  • View your link in bio custom link performances
  • Monitor your click through rates and geographical locations
Setup Your Profile

What type of wedding professional are you?

No matter what your niche is as a wedding supplier, you can find the people you need on

Cake Bakers
Hair & Makeup Artists
DJ's & Entertainment
Drone Pilots
Jewellery & Rings

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Wed link is 100% free, no-catch and no misleading free-now-pay-later scheme!

Access all the supplier networking tools and a get a fully SEO ready supplier page to attract newly engaged couples.